Ladies Style Cut Only
Ladies Cut & Blowdry
Ladies Restyle Cut
add $15
Teenage Girl Cut Only
(13-17 yo)
Teenage Girl Cut & Style
(3-17 yo)
Teenage Boy Cut (13-17 yo)
Men’s Cut
Kids Cut (under 12 yo)
*Conditions Apply
Highlights / Blonding
Scattered (6-10 foils)
1/2 Head
Full Head
Blowdry / Curls
Ladies Blowdry
GHD Add On
GHD Curls Only
Colour / Semi
Ammonia Free Add On
Olaplex in Colour
Olaplex Stand Alone
Alfaparf Rebonding
Give Me A Quick Shot
Calm Me Down
Zen Me Out
Steam Life In Me

For Colour work we use ALFAPARF we believe their products to be of the highest quality and the colour longevity the products achieve is excellent. ALFAPARF custom create and formulate every shade and use the latest technology to deliver a world class hair product you can trust.

Want smooth, straighter hair?
Done, we work with three different products for this.

Majestic Hair Keratin

A far more advanced technology in keratin treatments that delivers in its results. Majestic is a luxury product that has specific formulas to suit your individual hair needs.
From Botox hair, Biotin, Organic and Platinum Blonde catering to fulfil every clients requirements.
Leaves hair in a superior state, conditioned, frizz free, smooth and easy to manage.
100% Formaldehyde Free and Not Tested On Animals.


Formaldehyde free keratin treatment works great on all hair types and helps to de-frizz your hair in a gentle highly effective way.


This is our most weakest, gentle formula to relax unruly hair by simply shampooing it.
The formula has 2 main active ingredients – sun-kissed sugarcane peptides and glycolic acid which eliminate the need for including the harsh, damaging ingredients.
Peptame’s carefully sourced and specially formulated ingredients work by penetrating the internal structure of the hair, rebuilding and restoring both the internal and external hair fibres with incredible results.


There’s a recipe to achieving a great look with your hair.
A great stylist and great products. So In order to achieve what we believe is the best result for you we are very fussy about the products we use, and for that, we choose what we believe are the best on the market.

Also we ensure all the products we use are not tested on animals, are free from nasty chemicals such as paraben and sulphate. We really love using products that enhance your look whilst also being good for you, the planet and our animal friends. Again it’s all part of the “Soul” part of our business….

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions from $199 per packet

Achieve instant length and volume with our Hair Extension services. For this we use Seamless1, which are the industry leaders in extensions. Not only do they offer a premium product it is also incredibly affordable, helping clients with different budgets to all achieve the look they are after.

S1 extensions will help you look and feel amazing and it takes as little as 30 minutes to achieve beautiful, long voluminous hair.

So you can now effortlessly and affordably achieve the look you desire.

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